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It is Time to Dance in the Rain

One of my favorite quotes is by Vivian Greene and it states, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I cannot think of a more appropriate thought for the times in which we are all living. The world is in a rapid state of flux with earth changes, humanity and new technology evolving at a massive rate of speed.

For many, anxiety levels and states of exhaustion are reaching the brim as life is seemingly chaotic with changes happening suddenly and sometimes with very little reason or warning. The reshaping of our lives can be devastating and heartbreaking as we lose family members, friends, property, jobs and receive life altering news. The array of emotions as we suffer these losses can leave us feeling both helpless, hopeless and uncertain of what the future holds.

During the pandemic many were afraid to leave their own homes as they were fearful and rightfully so. It is a scary time in our history as we view gruesome images that are displayed on the news showing the destruction caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine. These events have caused us to have overwhelming emotions.

Currently Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on Florida and some other states destroying homes and livelihoods. The survivors asking themselves if they should rebuild or move somewhere else. Fearful for their future safety as water levels rise and the possibility lingers that the situation may replay at a later date as climate changes rearrange our world.

It sometimes feels as though our very existence is being tested. This message is not of discouragement, but one to remind you of the resilience of the human spirit. As humans, we have the power within ourselves to rise from the ashes and create new and positive experiences. In my lifetime, I have lost homes, family members, friends, jobs, and other resources leaving me with a feeling of great despair. I made a very personal decision not to let fear muddle my vision for the future. As this happened, I reminded myself not to lose hope or faith and over time those losses were replaced with new homes, jobs, friends and other ways to move forward. The only thing left to hold onto were the beautiful memories that will remain in my heart forever.

During these times of chaos, on whatever level it may occur, whether it is emotional, physical, spiritual or financial loss, your emotional excitability can be most overwhelming. Your emotions can be in such a high state of angst, that it may affect your physical and mental well-being. Your critical thinking skills may also be tested in making good decisions for your future.

The best advice is to remain calm and do what you need to do to keep yourself in a good state of mind. Take a few minutes out of the day to do some yoga, qigong, tai chi or other physical exercise to release the stress. Sit quietly and find the understanding that you have deep within your soul. Ask the divine to help you keep your faith strong in order to help you overcome your difficulties. Just know that everything is as it should be. Keeping your thoughts focused on the positive things in life will attract more positive things into your life. Try not to let your mind go into a negative place, because once that snowball starts it is difficult to stop it from growing into something much larger and more difficulties may appear.

I found when faced with a difficult situation that focusing on others rather than yourself is a great way to create inner calm and peace. It gives your mind a rest and will boost your own feelings of positivity. We can remain hopeful by being kind and loving to both family, friends and strangers. By going out into the community to assist others and help them reshape their lives gives them great hope and restores their faith in humankind. If you are financially able to assist, do what you can. Give a helping hand where you can and provide emotional support by lending an ear.

We are all connected, and our connection starts with love. Loving others as well as yourself is important. I urge you not to wait until the storm passes to learn to dance in the rain. The time to learn to dance is fading fast and I encourage you to take the first dance steps prior to the next storm on the horizon. Reach out in service now in whatever way you can. It is time to dance in the rain.


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