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Being of Light

A few days after Hurricane Ian passed through Southwest Florida and other areas, my husband and I finally ventured out to a local shopping area to pick up a few things. Feeling grateful that we had not suffered any great loss personally, but at the same time feeling down and out for those that had suffered overwhelming loss.

On this brief outing we decided to pick up some paint tubes at a local arts and crafts store that my husband needed for some of his art projects. We were waiting in line to check out and it was at that moment that we met a bright light. Yes, a bright light, a person that emits joy and happiness wherever they go. I have met this type of person before and usually at times when I needed it most. The bright lights, the ones that give you a spark and uplift you. This time it was in the shape of a little six year old girl.

She was with her mom, standing in front of us in line. Upon taking our place behind them, she immediately turned around and gave us a big toothless smile and a cute little wave. It was obvious she had just lost her front baby teeth as she gave us that toothless grin. I commented to her about the big red colored mustache that she was wearing above that smile. Her mom shared that she had just enjoyed some cherry Gatorade. This bundle of joy had long brown hair and big brown eyes and she was more than adorable.

It was not her appearance that made her so attractive, but her attitude of happiness as she continued to wave and smile at shoppers as they joined the line behind us. This bright being proceeded to tell us about her favorite Disney movie that she has watched over and over again. Her mom added that she knew all the words and songs of this particular movie. The little girl then sang us her favorite song as we continued to wait in line. Her mom a bit embarrassed, giving her a gentle tug trying to reign her in, but the little girl continued to sing. All too soon, this special moment with this bright light was over. They reached the checkout point and then went on their merry way. She sweetly held onto her mom’s hand as she delightfully skipped out of the store. I had no doubt in my mind that she would deliver joy to someone else that day.

The lady behind us made a remark to us about what an extraordinary young girl she was because it was so unusual of someone that age to be so outgoing and bright. I know that the little girl gave her a smile in her heart as well.

My husband and I left the store with our hearts melted and our spirits lifted by a bright light. We went about our day with a better attitude, knowing that there is a lot to enjoy in each and every moment. A few minutes in this six year old’s essence, gave us joy and hope. A reminder to be grateful for each and every day. My hope is that we can all be beings of bright light shining our lights for someone else to see the way forward. Giving each other hope and joy for another day.


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