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The Power of Imagineering

#Lesson: Positive Thinking

Have you ever heard of the word, Imagineering? I had not ever heard of such a term until I published my personal memoir back in 2017. It was on the advice of an astrologer that I initiated the writing process, and I had the courage to complete that part of my journey. Some people may think of this as being a bit unconventional and frown upon me, and others may find it fascinating. Many years ago, I came to terms with myself, that my life events have always been a bit unusual, as many others may feel the same way about their life paths. Nevertheless, I carry a strong faith with me, and I believe that God places people, places and things in our lives for us to experience and learn in a way that we will understand. As a result, I feel that I had a great healing and transformation.

While writing my book, I went through this healing and transformation process that was a result of a deep study of my life. It was as though I was reliving my entire life experience by recalling the memory of people that I had not thought about in years. I laughed and I cried as I was able to put myself back in time, reviewing how people looked and how they made me feel. I also thought about my own actions and how they may have affected other people. I became introspective about relationships of all types; I was then able to put them into proper prospective.

It was during that process that I was finally able to let things go, forgiving other people and most importantly I was able to forgive myself. It was an important moment in my life to be able to heal from past trauma. The healing process gave me a great sense of peace that had eluded me for my entire life.

The writing process provided me the opportunity to purge and release things that had been pent up for a long time. Coinciding with the publication and finalization of my book, I received a health diagnosis that needed some immediate attention. I was asked my by a medical physician to do a barium x-ray of my digestive tract. After drinking some terrible chalk like substance and a 360 spin on a slim table, it was discovered that I had a large hiatal hernia. From the look on the technician’s face, I knew that I was not going to receive good news. My gastroenterologist delivered the diagnosis that I had a large hiatal hernia and it needed to be operated on immediately.

Many people have hiatal hernias, and they go their entire lives without any problems. The concern with mine was the size of the hernia, the doctor showed me a diagram that illustrated half of my stomach sitting in my upper chest and the other half was where it was supposed to be. The specialist was not able to give me a referral as he did not know of a surgeon in the area who was qualified for this type of surgery. I was stunned by the news and left his office feeling frustrated, frightened and unsure about the future of my health.

I went home and started my own research on qualified surgeons, and I went on to set up appointments to meet with surgeons for the intense operation. In the meantime, I went to see the astrologer who encouraged me to write my book, not for an astrological reading, but to thank him for his guidance and gift him with a copy of my memoir.

I was extremely grateful for the emotional healing that writing my story had provided for me. Without telling him about all of my appointments to visit with surgeons, I briefly mentioned that I was going to have an operation on my digestive tract. In utter surprise, he suggested that I go ahead and see all of the surgeons. He then stated that they will all tell you something different, and when you are done visiting with them, if you are interested, I will share the name of an Eastern Medical Physician that will be able to help you.

It was at that moment, that he went on to speak with me about the word, “Imagineering”. You see, at the same time all of this was taking place, I was also preparing a speech that I was going to deliver called, “Overcoming Adversity”. I had received an invitation to be the guest speaker at a fundraiser for a woman who was a paraplegic, whom I looked upon as a shining star. It was a benefit to raise funds for her additional care as a result of terrible accident. This wonderful lady had a dream of getting therapy at Walter Reed Institute to be able to someday walk again.

My astrologer friend, who originally had used the term Imagineering, went on to say that Imagineering meant, having the ability to look at things in the most positive light and to imagine the best outcome possible. In other words, to imagine your life how you would like it to be and then engineer the plans to put it in place. Write it down, plan it out and visualize yourself in those circumstances.

I found this advice to be most helpful for the preparation of the speech, and I was able to implement the concept of Imagineering into my presentation. I also used the visualization process in helping me to relax beforehand, as I had built up some anxiety about speaking in front of such a large audience. The visualization process helped to negate the nervousness about speaking to a group of strangers. All went well, and I was able to give my presentation with ease and confidence. I did not faint, and I did not lose my dinner beforehand!

As for my visits with the surgeons, yes, I continued with my plans, and they all told me something different about the procedure. They shared that the outcome was unknown, the chance of complication and even death was high due to the location of the hernia being so close to my heart and lungs. They also told me that it may involve more than one surgery. I listened closely to their diagnosis and plans, of course they all said that I needed the operation as soon as possible.

However, I was not in a big hurry to have that operation and I would lay in bed at night debating the pros and cons with myself. I could not visualize the surgery and maybe I did not even want to visualize the surgery. I finally concluded that surgery was not the right decision for me. I really did not know how I was going to deal with my situation and if there were any other options.

One day, remembering what the astrologer said, I contacted him for the name and contact information for the Eastern Medical Physician, who is a PHD, MD, that he had previously mentioned, and I made an appointment with her.

To my surprise, almost instantaneously upon meeting her, I felt a connection and somehow knew that she was going to be able to help me. She explained to me that it was not going to be easy and would take some work. She laid out the plan stating that we would need to work as a partnership in that she would do her part, and I would need to follow her instructions and do my part to receive the desired benefits. Basically, I would need to use the power of Imagineering to receive the best possible results. For the last five years, she has treated me with acupuncture, special dietary restrictions and supplements, advice about exercise, along with wise counsel on the importance of stress reduction. My overall health improved as a result. My hiatal hernia will never go away, but for the time being I have been able to keep the issues related to the problem in check.

During my times of quiet meditation and prayer, I also use the power of imagineering to imagine the best outcome possible in all aspects of my life.

While thinking about this series of events recently, I googled the word “imagineering” and found that it is the name of the design company for Walt Disney. They are responsible for the creation, design and construction of their world renowned theme parks. The word “ imagineering “ seems to be a powerful tool, if utilized it may surprise you with what the outcome may be.

I urge you to consider using “Imagineering “in your own life to help put your goals and dreams into a positive place and to see the best possible outcome. I am very happy that the word, “Imagineering “was brought into my awareness.

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  1. Great read and it brought memories of you going through it and us talking about it in great depth.😘


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