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Disconnect to Reconnect

#Lesson: Take time to be still

Have you looked at your phone lately? Maybe in the last two minutes, or maybe you feel like taking a sneak peek right now to see if you received a text, email or even the latest meme.

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I plug my earphones into my phone to listen to Pandora radio, as I head off to the gym to workout. I was amazed recently when Pandora sent me a message telling me that I had listened to 1,342 hours of their radio station in the past year. Mostly Adele, I must admit. Wow! I had no idea how much time I was actually connected to my phone.

Like most people, I carry my phone with me everywhere that I go. I left my house the other day and forgot my phone. I almost wrecked my car frantically searching for it as though I had lost one of my fingers or toes. I felt so lost without it, I turned my car around to go back home and retrieve it. I asked myself what was so important that it could not wait till the end of the day.

While I am texting, emailing and actually having a conversation on the phone, I am usually multi-tasking, cooking dinner, doing laundry or some similar tasks. I can usually hear the other party that I am talking to doing the same thing, judging by the background noises. On occasion, I have even heard the flush of a toilet.

I keep my precious phone beside me as I sleep and I am ashamed to say, I have even sent an email or two, in the middle of the night.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? We all live in a technology connected world. Not long ago, I came to the realization that I needed to disconnect and reconnect with the more important things in life. Living in a chaotic world, I sometimes have resentful feelings about having no time. I came up with a plan to heal and resolve those feelings. The plan is what I call, ”take fifteen”.

Every day I find a 15-minute time slot when I can have some alone time with no distractions. I found that early morning after my husband leaves the house for his morning walk to be the best time, I can turn everything off. No cell phone, no television, just pure golden silence where I can sit and be myself without interruption. I usually start the moment by reading something inspirational, a bible verse or some other thoughtful prose that I find meaningful to set the mood.

After just several weeks, I found myself looking forward to that fifteen minutes of sitting with no plan in mind. I could feel my creativity being enhanced and I found myself getting back in tune with myself, something that had started to elude me just living the chaos of my life.

I sometimes just sat and listened to my own heartbeat rather than the sound of an incoming text message, as I reflected about my life direction or wondered about the universe. Or I just sat quietly and felt the warmth of the sun, listened to the rain or even just looked at the stars..

I started to find that my gut feelings became more accurate and I became more aware of and open to different solutions for problem solving. I became more in tune with my inner wisdom and I was effective at blocking out useless chatter inside of my own head.

The” take fifteen” proved to be a time to reflect with gratitude on all the blessings that surrounded me. A time to connect with the divine and listen for guidance. I learned not to chase one thought with another and to just let them be. I even noticed when things went haywire that I was not as disturbed, I was able to keep a calm about myself. I also learned that it is possible to be still, and it is not mentally productive to fill every moment with busy activities or to be connected all the time.

My hope is that you will choose to ”take fifteen” by carving out a piece of your day for this type of reflection. Time to just sit quietly and be still, be present in the moment and to just breathe.

Take time to disconnect and reconnect, it may bring you a new awareness. I no longer spend so much time connected to my technology, as I have reconnected with myself. As a result, I have received a new sense of peace. I hope that you will give it a try.


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