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Finding My Voice

I love the quote that Madeline Albright once stated, ”it took me a long time to find my voice and now that I found it, I am not going to be silent”. That particular quote made me to think about how I have learned to utilize my own voice, but in a different way. Madeline was certainly a strong woman, in the position of being the first woman to serve as Secretary of State she overcame a lot of adversity.

This is not a political discussion, and in no way do I compare myself to Ms. Albright, however, I admired her strength of character. I can relate to the theme of overcoming adversity, and I have had to learn my own lessons about that very theme, but in a different way.

I am sure that anyone reading this at one time, or another has experienced adversity in some shape or form. It may have appeared in physical struggles and limitations, for others it may be spiritual or emotional challenges that have set you back, or a combination of all three. In my lifetime, I have met some extraordinary people that have exemplified a winning spirit and they have jumped over their hurdles in life as shining stars. My struggles with learning about overcoming adversity were filled with many trials and tribulations, and I did not jump over my hurdles so gracefully.

In 2016, I was invited to attend a Mystic Faire by a friend, where I met a very wise man. He was a an Astrologer and a master of reading palms. Upon looking at my palm and briefly looking at my personal birth chart, he shared with me that I had not yet fulfilled my life purpose. I was surprised to learn that my life purpose was to write my own personal story. This news filled me with astonishment, as through the years I had tried to write my book, but could not put pen to paper. The mystic told me that I first needed to speak my story into a recorder, and then I would be able to easily write it on paper. He went so far as to say, that I needed to share my story so that I could help other people. Feeling my hesitation, he stated that we all have free will to make up our own minds, expressing in a matter of fact tone, that I could write my book or not, it was totally up to me.

It was from that moment, that I had the belief and courage to tell my story. I followed the seer’s instructions and used a recording device to record my thoughts and feelings, surprising myself with the ease in which I was able to write. One year later, I self-published my memoir, titled” Blemished but not Broken”. In this book, I share events that took place in my childhood and early years. The trials, tribulations, hopes, dreams and even regrets. Overcoming adversity seemed to be a common theme that kept appearing in my life.

The difficult situations that I encountered were not only from external forces but struggles that were taking place inside of my own head. I tried hard to formulate a career, form friendships, find the right marital partner and to define my own self-worth. It was difficult at times, to not let a sense of defeat or depression reside in my soul, or ruin the plans that I had for myself.

I am now able to speak about my life without shame. I share it with others with the hope that I may help someone that finds themselves in similar circumstances. In writing my book, I was able to free myself from what held me back and I finally found my voice.

One reviewer of my memoir wrote, ”told in a voice that is both honest and confident, ”Blemished but not Broken” will draw tears from readers and it will inspire noble sentiments in them as well. Ms. Adams story reflects a lot of pain and trauma that many women go through silently.” He also wrote that, ”there is a moment of epiphany when she decided to stand up for herself and break free from the psychological burdens that others had placed on her. It was the day that she decided to take control of her own life.”

In reading that review, I cried as I knew that I had been able to communicate my most inner feelings, and at last my voice had been heard. I finally felt free of the things that held me back for so many years, I no longer wish to remain silent. It is important to find your voice, to be able to speak without fear. My wish for you is that we all can be more like Madeline Albright, in that we find our voice, and when we do, not be silent.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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